To all girls,

by Super User

To all girls, who's wanted to being a wife of korean guy. Look at this, you should think about it, also too imagine korean guy not good for yourself. Why i say so ? think smart, It's okay if you want a lover. But these things will makes yourself regret in the future.

Also for the boys, if you love the girl, you should protect her from anything and anyone in this world who's wanted to hurt her. if you hurt her, that means you can't keep your promise to her.and stop doing a stupid thing to her, you can't says you love her but you did the bad things to her.

If you ask me "so, did you interested on transnational marriage ?"
Well, to be honest. "It depends on the person, but for me a guy that smart, also can make me happy, smile and laughing out loud is the ideal guy to being a husband". for now, fall in love only waste my time. also transnational marriage makes me thinking out loud, because the problem is our languages, i can't speak english fluently in person. bad grammar, and bad spelling mistakes because japanese accent.

Rin Sakurai thanks <3 !.
for your information, Rin is my best friend *she is shy type person, also new on facebook because of me ?





☑ 1.母体は大阪市の認可を受けた公的法人
INEXS大阪で国際、異文化、語学交流の母体は「NPO法人インターナショナルフレンドシップクラブ」です。 「大阪市内に在住の外国人・日本人の青少年の健全な国際交流」を設立趣旨として、2015年12月に正式に大阪市の認可を受けた公的な法人団体が運営しておりますので、特定非営利活動促進法、第二章 特定非営利活動法人に基づき「宗教」・「政治」・「ネットワークビジネス」・「反社会的勢力」(暴力団)とは全くの無関係な法人です。