Reasons why you being single,

by Super User

Reasons why you being single, (also being rejected by girls). Some of you always asked about "dating" to some girls on social media, you can't suddenly says "could you be mine", that's too weird. Are you really love her ? if yes please explain to her and do your best, you better do something than always says "i love you" every time in personal messages.

1. You randomly appear in girls personal messages saying "hi" without context, followed by asking LINE ID, phone number without any particular reason.

2. You force the girls to do something they didn't want to do. they can't do what do you want, except they trust on you.

3. Too many confusion status on your timeline about how pathetic your life. Hello, you're not the only one.

4. Blaming someone for something they didn't do.

5. You never respect their personality, race, religion, and everything about her. For example, if she's a chinese you can't says she's racist or rude without know anything about who is she. This point is really happened to my friends, so i hope some of you understand about it.

6. Something's wrong with you.


I'm not misunderstanding about it, also i'm not perfect. But you should get a better ways to do that for a girl you love. This list are points what i saw everytime. If you want to impress someone, you better talk less and do more.
If you want to tell a girl that you love her, make sure you know she already loves you and will probably answer in your favor.
That's all what i want to say to you guys.


☑ 1.母体は大阪市の認可を受けた公的法人
INEXS大阪で国際、異文化、語学交流の母体は「NPO法人インターナショナルフレンドシップクラブ」です。 「大阪市内に在住の外国人・日本人の青少年の健全な国際交流」を設立趣旨として、2015年12月に正式に大阪市の認可を受けた公的な法人団体が運営しておりますので、特定非営利活動促進法、第二章 特定非営利活動法人に基づき「宗教」・「政治」・「ネットワークビジネス」・「反社会的勢力」(暴力団)とは全くの無関係な法人です。