I am planning to participate by myself, but do you have a lot of friends with you?

There is no such thing.

There is not a formal member system separately, so there are a lot of people who participate by themselves, and some with friends also come. Because most of you live in Osaka, you may meet good people through events or create common topics and new friends. Participation by one person is also welcome so please feel free to come.

Do I need to sign up to participate in the event?

Yes. Since we have grasped the exact number of people and created a participant list here, we are sorry for the inconvenience but please contact us from CONTACTS in advance if you wish to participate.

Could you please consult with a foreigner for any kind of matter?

Yes. Depending on the content of your consultation, we will cooperate with you for your benefit. Please contact us from CONTACTS.

What should I do if I want to sign up for an event?

Please contact us from "CONTACTS". If there are other unknown points etc. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

I am not confident about languages and I am anxious, is it OK?

It doesn’t make any differences whether or not you are capable of second languages,

Rather than being able to do so, try to interact with new friends, meet people with the same hobbies and purposes, expand various circles of information and circle friends. I think that it is good to listen to studying methods and improving methods from people with good language.


Who will participate?

Basically they are interested in international exchange and international events, people who want to make foreign friends, people who are studying languages and are looking for a language exchange partner, aiming to study abroad and working holiday in the future People, especially young girls and student girls participate a lot.

How much is the membership fee?

The membership fee varies according to each event. Please check the event page for details. Entrance fee is free for children and high school students basically. In addition, university students and vocational school students have a school discount service, so there are girls' discount / foreigner discounts, so please feel free to come and visit.

What are INEXS Events?

Every year, We aim to hold four major events in the following months:

Spring International Barbecue Party in March

Cherry Blossom Viewing Picnicking in April

Autumn International Barbecue Party in October
(or November)

International Ethnic Cuisine Cookery Party
(irregular, Usually Summer)

In addition, other minor events occur every year, including a Day Trip and Drinking sometime. For further information about INEXS, view the Event Info or feel free to browse our web site.

Can I take part in the event without advance booking?

Yes. you may, but please apply in advance as much as possible.

Can I ask you consultation such as study abroad or working holiday?

Yes. Depending on the content of consultation, I will respond within the range to understand.

What kind of organization is INEXS?

It's the public corporation that was approved by Osaka City, called " NPO International Friendship Club and mainly supports international exchange activities of young people.

☑ 1.We are Non-Profit Organization, approved by Osaka municipal government
INEXS which stands for "Intercultural Experience Society" is a part of " Non-Profit Organization International Friendship Club. A public corporate body formally approved by Osaka municipal government in December 2015 was operated with the intention of establishing "a healthy international exchange of foreigners and Japanese youth living in Osaka city" Because it is, we are based on the Specified Nonprofit Activity Promotion Act, Chapter 2 based on a specified nonprofit corporation "religion" ·...