Asian Hope Camping Organization 【Japan-Korea Exchange Study Meeting through Volunteer Activities】


Photo Album

Photo Album

We held a collaboration project with the Asian desired camp organization and an international event at the cooking room of Abeno district center in Abeno Ward, Osaka city.

Originally this group is a volunteer-based in South Korea, and we will organize the schedule of arrival in Japan for a couple days and adjust the schedule so that the theme of "teaching Japanese and Korean culture" It was a valuable experience to have a fun international exchange event with a peaceful atmosphere throughout the whole year and to hear the Korean "now" directly from the Korean children.

Although Japan and Korea are closely related to each other as well as being close to each other, it is also possible to excite with common topics about mutual race, customs, trends, overseas experiences, etc. It is possible to make an unexpected happy event and it is true good It is.

we have taken pictures of the fun atmosphere at that time, so please have a look.

Everyone, in the beginning, was a bit hard, facial expressions and tense facial expression.

Asian hope camping organization brought Kentucky · Fried · Chicken in for me.

Fun talks, delicious food, flowers blossomed also in the talk, the atmosphere of the place has gotten loose.

A little luxuriously for dessert "Hotel New Otani pancake"

In addition to the pancake mix (in addition to milk and eggs), ice cream and yogurt were also added to make a little fancy.

The freshly made pancakes of apricots were exceptional.

A fun topic gets excited and the scene actually explaining the illustration on the whiteboard.

she is explaining about Japan's maps of Kansai when explaining their birthplace.

From high school students, people in their twenties were also gathering for nearly the same age group in terms of age group, so it was easy to understand.

For Korea, I was able to know various new discoveries and trivial novelty as well.

Using a whiteboard, it was a fun study group as if they were doing classes.

I am thankful for meeting with wonderful people.

I wish Koreans who stayed in Osaka for only a few days will have fun in Japan.

"Map of friendship between Japan and Korea" written on the whiteboard

Finally, we took a memorial photo with everyone and the event is over. I'm really thankful to you. please come to Japan again.


Review from participants

Attendees Voice

name Reina Yano (left) · Aika Hirakawa (right)
from Hyogo Prefecture/ Osaka Prefecture
occupation High School Student

Review from Aika

This time for the first time I participated in international volunteers and I was able to see the new world. I can not understand Korean at all, but I was able to talk using gesture gestures, English, Japanese, etc. Originally I was interested in language and participated, but I felt that important things here are not languages. Being able to get along beyond the country, I was happy that I made many friends. The event of the international volunteer that participated for the first time was easy and it was a good opportunity to proceed to the next step.

Review from Reina

I was interested in international relations and wanted to interact with people from various countries so it was a very good experience to interact with Koreans this time. I like Korea so it was fresh and fun to try using a little Korean that I know. Also, I was glad that I taught other things I do not know, unfamiliar words, etc. and I could talk a lot about Japan. Because I can not quite experience experiencing across countries, I want to cherish it.


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