International Girl's Event Only one flower in the world Make your own unique herbarium and international exchange


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Photo Album

International exchange girls Only one flower in the world Make your only one and only herbarium International exchange

Similar to SMAP's famous songs, foreigners and Japanese make "Herbarium" each other and hold the first event this year at the Namba Citizenship Learning Center to open the International Exchange Women's Association. did. Among the participants of "Chinese", "Taiwanese" and "Japanese", they selected a bottle of their own design and arranged flowers as they liked. The lecturer's congratulations were carefully and intelligibly guided, and everyone made a really wonderful work.

At first, it was possible to put flowers in a bottle and pour oil, and I thought it was easy, but the participants' motivation for production was serious. I think that it was special because I was able to create a truly unique, one-of-one herbarium, and no one was the best, but because I was the only one in the world who made it myself.

I wanted the women of the participants to really grow and cultivate something more important than "Herbarium", the kind of friendship with new friends. Thanks to the wonderful atmosphere from the beginning, we would like to thank you very much for coming to the wonderful people.

First of all, the situation before the session "Herbarium Production" starts.

We prepared various kinds of flowers on the desk and had you choose your favorite flower.

I thought that I was a little nervous at the end of the session as I thought it was a first-time contact and I didn't know what to say.

Everyone is in the midst of making their own herbarium.

I was producing with great pains in designing, coloring, and arrangement of flowers.

There were some scenes where it was difficult for a lot of people who are new to the production of herbarium and also for a while.

Even the dried flowers were beautiful in color.

The bottle was selected from various designs and made with a simple yet beautiful bottle.

The oil used this time is available in two colors, pink and clear.

The participants took a commemorative photo. (Since some NG people came out, it has been processed.)

It was a herbarium that was so beautiful that I put it on my camera.

The participants who are having a pleasant chat and interaction. There were a lot of people who were new to the event, but it was an atmosphere that could be solved in a natural way.

Images of materials and materials. The dried flower was too long, so I cut it with scissors and put it in a bottle.

An image of stuffing dried flowers into a bottle with tweezers. It seems that you struggled with coloring and moderate stuffing.

A photo of the production process. I was troubled by which flower and where to place it.

The photos were really colorful, and the insta images were also taken.

Finished using pink oil. It is very beautiful.

This is a work that I can not think of as the first work of an amateur, and it is a work of quality that is high enough to sell and sell as a product. Great!

This is the work of an actual student. It seems that she is decorating her room with herbarium.

Herbarium material, fill the bottle with flowers and pour the oil to complete.


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Review from participants

Attendees Voice

full name Tomoko-san
Hometown Mie Prefecture
occupation Housewife

This time, I joined with my daughter. I decided to participate because I thought that I wanted to do Herbarium once before and that I could do an international exchange. I was looking forward to it because I usually don't have many opportunities to touch languages ​​other than Japanese. There is also a teacher's advice from a lovely teacher on the day, and the daughters of older children are also able to participate in making herbarium, and a very lovely work is finished. In the second half, I changed my seat for international exchange and enjoyed the exchange. I filled out my personal data sheet first, so I talked about occupations and hobbies, talked about recent things, and enjoyed the women's association with snacks in a peaceful atmosphere from beginning to end. I think there are those who feel uneasy participation alone, but that worry is useless-(^ ^) The event here is lively, I think that the talk will bounce immediately even at the first meeting ★ 3 hours in a while was. I want my daughter to experience international exchange from now on, so I look forward to the next event.


instructor's voice

Instructor Comment


full name Congratulations
Hometown China
occupation Flower-related industry

I came from China last April. In order to facilitate international exchange, we saw Action, a portal site for recruiting volunteer activities, to know this group and act as a lecturer for making herbarium.

I used to work in the flower industry, so I was familiar with flowers, so I proposed this event as a trigger.

The advantage of the herbarium is that it can be stored for a long time, and you can freely arrange your favorite flower, color, oil color, etc., so it has the feature that you can customize it freely. There is an interest that only one herbarium can be done in the world. This time the activity was limited to women, everyone was able to interact very smoothly thanks to your kind cooperation, it was possible to produce a wonderful herbarium, it was an event with great success. I'm really thankful to you. From now on, I think it would be nice to think about interesting events and to have fun and interact with everyone again. I look forward to working with you.

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