February 23 "International exchange women's only one flower in the world Make your own only one herbarium international exchange"


Photo album

Photo Album

In February, we held the “International Exchange Women's Only One Flower in the World and Create an Herbarium Only for You” and held it in Osaka General Lifelong Learning Center in February.

It was good that everyone seriously put on making the herbarium, and after the exchange meeting flowers bloomed in the girls talk, and an event was created under a peaceful atmosphere from beginning to end.

All the finished works are also very beautiful, beautiful and cute things that shine insta. Because all of your herbarium was well made, I took a lot of images at that time.

In addition, "Yellow Rose" was also presented to the participants in a Wonderful Surprise from the lecturer's congratulation.

Flower material placed on the table. It is a material of herbarium. I picked up these favorite colors and flowers, and arranged them as I liked.

It is a pretty, beautiful dried flower just looking at it. This time, congratulations also brought the decoration of butterflies.

Under the guidance of the instructor, everyone quietly and silently concentrated on making herbarium.

Everybody is putting "your favorite color", flowers into a bottle and doing "only one flower with only one flower in the world."

After the flowers are bottled, oil is poured and finished. The pink flowers are also cherry-colored and beautiful.

Herbarium finished with oil. cutely with pink ribbon and butterfly butterfly, finished in the work of enhancing the girl's power.

It is a very high quality work. The product is as good as the products sold in the shop.

Production process of herbarium making. Since the flower material is too long, I cut it with scissors and put it in a bottle with just enough length so as to enter the bottle.

The participants from the “Yellow Rose” participant from the congratulatory, who gave me a floral lecturer, were delighted and all said “clean!”

It is finished as an artistic work that I do not think that it was very created by an amateur.

We have taken the group picture with the people who gathered this time. (It is processed for some privacy protection.)

After making the work, only the girl's leisurely, relaxing, relaxing, girls talk. He also talked about his hometown.

Not only beautiful herbarium, but also new friends, it was a great event.

I have taken a very artistic picture.

More than usual, I am taking a lot of images of herbarium. The real thing is more beautiful and beautiful.

It finished beautifully and everyone became happy memories.

I placed the herbarium that I made together and took a picture with "Yellow Rose". The heart was healed by the nice smell of flowers and beautiful roses.

Everyone also took photos on their smartphones.

It is a work of art that can be used for postcards and posters as it is.


It is a photograph that the light addition and subtraction is also taken quite well.


Very well done.



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相原 奈都美さん
Name Natsumi Aihara
From Ehime Prefecture
Age 25 years old
occupation Office Worker

I participated in inexs's event for the first time this time. When I was a student, I studied in Shanghai for a year, so I was very interested in international exchange and I wanted to make a herbarium because I like flowers and I participated! Taiwan people are participating and we were able to interact after making herbarium. Everyone met for the first time, but I like international exchange! I was able to get along quickly from the common point, and I was able to spend a great time talking with each other about things that are popular in Japan and China. Herbarium seemed to be difficult even though it was questionable, but I was satisfied because it was cute. LOL I would also like to be interested in volunteering and meeting various people through the international exchange of inexs! I'm really looking forward to participating as there are regular events such as barbecue in the future ^ ^


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