International Barbecue Party International Exchange Barbecue Party AT Tsurumi Green Park ♪

Meeting At 14:30 PM we met at the place where the ticket gate of "Tsurumi Greenland Park" station of the Nagahori Tsurumi Green Line on the subway.
There is only one ticket gate so there is no hesitation.
Date Sunday 28th October
Time From 15:40PM~ until 20:00PM
Venue Tsurumi Green Park BBQ field
* Table number 11, 12
10 people can sit on coal and 2 separate barbecue tables are reserved.
If you are late, please come to the table with this number later.
The Nearest Station
【Subway】 Nagahori Tsurumi Green Forest Line "Tsurumi Greenland" station.
about 20 something, maybe more or maybe less.
Nationalities Southeast Asian students such as China, Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam, Hong Kong, etc. are mainly students

1. Recommended for those who want to make friends with foreigners and exchange language and cultural exchange.

2. It is a gathering of foreigners who want to make friends with Japanese people, those who are looking for friends in the local area with foreigners, so it is a friendly atmosphere for those who are shy of knowing.

3. Although there are many people from the Asian region, everyone can speak English and Japanese fluently in addition to their mother tongue.

4 Because it is a barbecue in a green park with a large site area, you can have a chill and relaxation at your own pace slowly and with a relaxed atmosphere.

5 Ideal as a place for information sharing where people can exchange information with others who are planning to study abroad and working holiday or experience.

6. It is a perfect exchange party for people who are looking for a language exchange partner and who are studying the second foreign language.

7 Please feel free to come and visit us as it is an event to find foreign friends who can meet real in Osaka.

Participants High school student · university student · vocational school student and social worker until about 35 years old.
Recommended for

1. To those who wish to make sincere and serious foreign friends.

2. Small children are welcome welcome, Mother and Child too Please feel free to come and visit.

3. The participation fee below high school students is free . We are waiting with a big welcome.

4. It is also recommended for those who are aiming to improve their language skills.

Barbecue menu of meat, seafood, grilled vegetables etc.
Time table

〇 14: 30 pm Meeting at the Tsurumi Green Park Station ticket gate.

〇 Start moving to the barbecue place around 15:00 PM

〇 15: 30 PM Pre / After barbeque preparation

〇 16: 00 BBQ started

〇 19: 00 Cleaning up gradually

〇 20: 00 Finish


◯ Men's participation fee 3,500 yen → Discount available for Participation fee 1,000 yen when bringing in ingredients

〇 Women's participation fee 2,500 yen →Discount available for Fee entrance fee of 500 yen

In case

〇 College student, vocational school student, international student 1,500 yen → Discount available for Participation fee of 300 yen when bringing in ingredients

In case

〇 For foreigners General 1,500 yen → Discount available for Participation fee of 300 yen when bringing in ingredients

In case

Please bring meat, seafood, grilled vegetables, etc, like baking with charcoal fire.

Our Activities
Supported by

Non-Profit Organization International Friendship Club

Tsurumi Greenland Station on the Nagahori Tsurumi Green Line on the Subway Meeting Place of the Day

"Tsurumi Greenland" Walking out where I left the ticket gate, there was nobody because the time was still earlier.

The fire is on the charcoal fire, the barbecue is about to begin.

We are baking sequentially based on the ingredients you brought in.

On this day Vietnamese people put handmade raw spring rolls. I was happy.

we enjoied eating, drinking and having fun talking.

a Chinese international student brought us "pig legs".

It was a friendly atmosphere that we can talk naturally in a friendly manner primarily with Asian international students and people of society.

Among the participants, vegetarian mum came to visit us with a small child.


There were more food items than I thought, and food was overflowing on the table.

Chinese students made Sichuan style chow mein with seasonings.

As you can see at the photos, we were being totally enjoyable.

We have talked in many different languages, Japanese, Chinese, English, and every other language.

Anyway, the barbecue was too much meat, we ate too much.

I took the group photo with members gathered today.

Two girls of Chinese social workers. I took a commemorative photo.

As well as Asian men, I took pictures of the meetings for as long as I had.

It was a friendly atmosphere that we can talk naturally in a friendly manner primarily with Asian international students and people of society.

The sun has completely settled here and time has passed by in a blink of an instant.

I took the last picture before going home. It was really fun.

International BBQ YouTube video




review from the paticipants



Name Liu Xiangxiang/Miss
Age 27 years old
from Taiwan Tainan City
occupation Office Worker

On 28th October 2018 I was blessed with fine weather, enjoying the barbecue under the best autumn sky.

There were more than 20 participants this time, and we were able to interact with people of many nationalities with participation from Europe and the United States, mainly from Asian foreigners living in Osaka.

I talked with people from Taiwan, China, Vietnam, the United States, Indonesia, and deepened friendship. I am Chinese as my mother tongue, but the main part of the conversation has many opportunities to talk in Japanese. For those studying English I think that it is a good opportunity to have English conversation with native speakers and test their English skills.

I think that participating in this event, I understand the culture of various countries, it is a really good opportunity for multi-ethnicity and mutual understanding.

Including me as well Foreigner To live in a foreign land, to step in the country I want to visit, the land I was longing for is a dream come true and at the same time hardships and hard work I have to experience. It was a great experience to understand those foreign cultures, religions, languages, ethnicity, customs, etc. It was a valuable experience that I can not study on books and desks.

Also, among the participants there were many Japanese people who liked Taiwan, so I was able to introduce about Taiwan, where I am from.

People who are learning languages ​​or those who do not have much opportunity to contact with foreigners usually do not have the opportunity to contact foreigners usually by participating in this international exchange barbecue party to speak to foreigners and talk to foreigners and from foreigners of people living in unfamiliar lands I listen to the interesting story of the event and think that I can make new discoveries and friends by dialogue.


☑ 1.We are Non-Profit Organization, approved by Osaka municipal government
INEXS which stands for "Intercultural Experience Society" is a part of " Non-Profit Organization International Friendship Club. A public corporate body formally approved by Osaka municipal government in December 2015 was operated with the intention of establishing "a healthy international exchange of foreigners and Japanese youth living in Osaka city" Because it is, we are based on the Specified Nonprofit Activity Promotion Act, Chapter 2 based on a specified nonprofit corporation "religion" ·...