casual talk, chatting with International students and Japanese in a Japanese Style Room.

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On Sunday, December 9th, we held "Event of International Exchange Activities that Japanese People and Foreigners Can Interact with" at "Abeno Citizen Learning Center's Japanese-style room" in Abeno-ku, Osaka-shi.

A total of 13 people, including 9 international students, and 4 Japanese people came to see us.

their nationalities were "Asian countries such as "Taiwan", "Hong Kong", "Vietnam", "Korea" and "China"so on.

Because the Students were able to speak Japanese fluently, so we were able to communicate in Japanese normally, as you can see those pictures even they looked the same as most Japanese, so it seemed familiar to the place without feeling any sense of incongruity was.

Some of them participated in one person, so at first, they did not talk much, but after relaxing the tension field with one to one individual talk, you are interested We had a group discussion on a common topic, for example, "travel" or "language".

At first, there was a lot of people who did not know one another and their expressions were hard.

We talked individually based on "Profile" you filled in beforehand.

Because it was the first time to meet up one another, I knew that they did not know what to talk about, so we need to break the ice, I came up with an idea that they much have been something in common such as traveling or Studying Languages. 

International students all talked about Japanese well.

A state of talk in each one-to-one

I thought that it would be easier for people who talk dared to talk individually.

With about 5 minutes talk in one person, after speaking, we were able to talk to all the people who attended.

We are hoping that a new friendship between the Japanese and foreigners will bud.

I hope mutual understanding, understanding of foreigners, consciousness, etc. should change.

We took a group photo with the participants.

Because language is also a common subject, and We are wondering if they find a new language exchange partner in there?

Foreign students also wish I could have another happy memory during their stay in Japan.

Happy talk while eating sweets was exciting.


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Name Derry
Age 27 Years old
From Taiwan
job Student

Firstly from the conclusion as a frank opinion, I think that I was really pleased to participate in this International exchange event. When I first entered the venue, I was very nervous. I did not know how to talk with a Japanese person for the first time but I could not tell what I could talk to total strangers, but the participants were "foreign students who want to make friends with Japanese people" and "foreigners People who want to make Japanese local friends with people ", so there was a common topic. People who thought that they wanted to know about the culture of each other's country, which is the common item of everyone, so if we cut out those topics, the story got excited at once and the tension felt, the atmosphere changed to a more relaxed atmosphere It was. Friends of foreign students who came to the same Japanese language school which I brought along also caught up with vigorous opinions as topics of "travel" and "language" came up. I am really pleased to have new friends. I am sincerely thankful to the organizers.


After the exchange meeting, everyone was reluctant, most participants went to karaoke in the second party and exchanged, deepening friendship.


Thank you for the valuable opportunity I can make new Japanese Friends.

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