Gallery feels like as if you were in Taiwan. Come, look, make, talk, eat, meet, enjoy delicious authentic taste! 4 hours of national cuisine and fun talk"


 〇 Saturday 11th August


 〇 from 13:00PM~17:00PM


 Creo Osaka Central

  4th floor craft cooking room

Nearest station Subway Tanimachi Line "Shitennoji Temple Yuyangagaoka" 3 min walk from Exit 1

 ------[The number of participants]----------

 〇 10

Female 8 Male 2名 (Including 1 Taiwanese guy)


 〇 Miss Ryu Taiwanese living in Osaka

 ------[Purpose and characteristics of this event]----------

 1.We cooked and dinner together ethnic cuisine using imported ingredients from Taiwan. (It was easy and short in a short time as it is not an event that placed weight on cooking.)

 2.The  instructor, Miss Ryu made a presentation on Taiwan with a picture of Tainan City, told us about her hometown and showed her Taiwan photos by projector, we have learned about Taiwanese people's lives and ethnic groups.

 3.An event that aims at improving skills for studying language and teaching each other's native language for language exchange.

 4.It is a safe and secure event that you can join by mother and child. Ask a small child to help you work that is safe, such as mixing with no fire or knife. we enjoyed it with parents and children. Actually there was a mother's participation with a high school student's daughter.

 5.It was also perfect as a place to share information where you can exchange information with others who are planning to study abroad and working holiday in the future and experienced people.

 6.Taiwan's imported ingredients were used on that day to faithfully reproduce the authentic taste.

 7.We are not emphasize on cooking  so we casually came to visit.


 ------[Recommended for those who like]----------

 1. It was a perfect event for those who want to become friends with foreigners, those who want to find language exchange / language exchange partners.

 2. children were the most welcomed, we enjoyed cooking and dining together.

 3. In the future, people who are interested in overseas study abroad, working holiday, girls trip etc were also welcome.

 4. It was also recommended for those who aim for skill improvement in Chinese conversation. (Instructor Miss.Ryu can also teach in Chinese.)


 ☆ Main Ong mochi

 ☆ Dessert Taiwan crushed ice

 ☆ Beverages Tapioca Milk tea

 ------[Time Table]----------

 〇 13:00PM start cooking together Appetizer · Main · Dessert 

 〇 14:00PM Dinner time

 〇 15:00PM Taiwan Presentation

 〇 15:30 Free Talk

 〇 16:00 Tidy up, Clean Up

 〇 17:00 Dissolution

Miss. Ryu Kimi gave us a lecturer.

"Tapioca milk tea" which we offered as a beverage this time

This time I made Taiwan shaved ice (mango)Image of the urban area of her hometown · Tainan city of Miss. Ryu who gave presentation this time


There were various stories about climate, climate, culture, ethnicity, gourmet and sightseeing related to Taiwan and it was very interesting.

"I am getting to like, Taiwan so I enjoyed it very much. her talk was quite interesting, " "There was a new discovery." "I was happy to know that I was able to participate really well", which was very popular from the participants.

談笑する参加者の人たち クレオ大阪中央 4階 クラフト調理室にて



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