Gallery as if you were in Germany.came, look, cook, talk, eat, meet, Experience the whole 4 hours



Saturday 11th July


 Creo Osaka Central

4th floor craft cooking room

Nearest station Subway Tanimachi Line "Shitennoji Temple Yuyangagaoka" 3 min walk from Exit 1


〇 13:00PM~17:00PM

------[The number of participants]----------

〇 23

Mostly young people in their teens to early twenties(Including Foreigner 1 Irish guy 1 Korean girl.

gender(18 Girls 5 Guys)


〇 Miss Laura Klugさん (22) German international students attending university in Osaka

------[Purpose of this event]----------

We cooked and dinner together German traditional ethnic dishes.


Appetizer: German potato salad

Main: Avocado cream open sandwich

Dessert: Ice coffee Or ice chocolate


    The recipe of the above dishes is here  


  Here is the power point of 'German presentation' used here  

she showed her pictures of Düsseldorf, Germany's home town of instructor Laura Klug, with a projector, presented a presentation and learned about Germany.

It was an event that aimed at improving skills aimed at language exchange by studying language and teaching each other's native language.

It was planned as an optimal event as a place for information sharing where people can exchange information and exchange experiences with overseas study abroad and working holiday makers.

On the day We have cooked German bread and German sausage seriously and used a German imported ingredient to make a little extravagant dish which faithfully reproduced authentic taste.

Laura Klugさん 画像

Laura Klug (22) who is a lecturer for the event this time,


Previous work place: Namu Cafe

Previous work place: PYC cheesecake & gallery

Previous work place: TENTEN YOGURT

Heinrich Heine Universität Düsseldorf Modernes Japan student

 関西学院大学 / Kwansei Gakuin University

Homestay with host family living in Toyonaka City, Osaka

Aschaffenburg from Düsseldorf

The review participants of this event

there were 23 people came to the party.they were interested in Germany and I was touched by everyone who cooked, talked, and became friends, although there are only people I do not know about. They said that everyone enjoyed and the food was delicious. Also, I announced about Germany, but there were also many people who cared about and asked me various questions. I heard from participants that they were having a lot of fun after the event, I wish I could do it again, I thought that this event was successful.

ドイツパン工房 キルシュブリューテ


I purchased German bread for this event. The image is the appearance of the German bread studio "Kirsch Brewet" located in Horie, Nishi-ku, Osaka-shi


ドイツパン工房 キルシュブリューテ 店内画像


Inside the bakery. German peculiar breads were lined all along. Obviously we had different shapes and colors from what we normally see. Wasps nest? There were a lot of oatmeal and organic bread as I thought.



I thought that it would be a shortage of bread, I bought bread even in "Nogami" in Naka-ku Namba, Ebibashi. It is a famous store that always makes a queue.




the photo was taken immediately after cooking started. Everyone divided into groups and worked on the dishes.



"Avocado cream open sandwich" which was completed with your hardships It was quite popular as "delicious" with quite good workmanship.


 It was a delicious picture so I took it even up. I was able to faithfully reproduce the authentic German taste well with familiar breads purchased at "Kirsch Brewet".




The sandwich was already cooked, but on the other hand "German potato salad" had time to boil potatoes as well. Laura who gives directions for cooking images. We got guidance carefully around each table.

Everyone participating in stirring potato salad in big bowl. ... I made too much by mistaking a little amount. (Tears)



Everyone worked really well and actively cooperated.


The German presentation will also be shown on the projector and we are preparing for the dinner soon.




Miss Laura Klug did great job for the preparations at PowerPoint for this day.



Today 's dinner to start eating at last. It is "German sausage" which the white one ordered on the net. It is clearly different from the sausage which Alto Bavaria and Shaue Essen are eating normally, and the flavor of herb is effective and it was very delicious.



"Ice coffee" or "ice chocolate" to drink during meals, so that you can choose whichever you prefer. Laura says that ice cream is used in German coffee or chocolate and whipped cream is placed on topping. It looks like Starbucks Coffee's Frappuccino.







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