Happy White Day ☺

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Yahoo! Miyoyo * (^ o ^) / *

Oh, it ended - ー ー

The mood is already cheap (haha)

I came back all day today
Surprisingly it was good on average!

Wow ....

14th Yesterday was Happy White Day, did not he?

My class is Valentine's Day,
I made a big heart with Pocky and gave all the boys from girls!

Then White Day,
It came back with a sweet tower!

With a thought of one year, thank you I wrote it on the blackboard and I was very happy.

Did everyone have a confession from a boy? Lol

By the way, speaking of March is the time of graduation ceremony,

Congratulations on your graduation

Graduation becomes a big milestone
I think that the anxiety is also great, I also did.

But think that it is a new beginning and do your best! ☺︎

I am a junior high school or elementary school graduation yet I am a child
All I want is you to play in the school yard!

As I can go to high school I can never say that I will go to the schoolyard again during my vacation time
Do not regret and have fun playing ◎

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