Come, see, make, talk, eat, meet, meet the whole 4 hours to feel Germany

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Come, see, make, talk, eat, meet, meet the whole 4 hours to feel Germany


------ [Meeting] ------


Please come directly to the 4th floor craft cooking room in Creo Osaka center which is the venue.

You can enter from the scheduled opening time of 12:45.


------[event date]------


Saturday, July 21




Creo Osaka Central

4th floor craft cooking room

Nearest station Subway Tanimachi Line "Shitennoji Temple Yuyangagaoka" 3 min walk from Exit 1




〇 From 13:00 PM to 17:00 PM.


------ [Number of people planning to attend] ----------


○ About 15 people

In case

There are some around.

------ [Lecturer] ------------


○ Miss Laura Klug (22) German international student attending university in Osaka


------ [Purpose and characteristics of this event] ----------


1. Cook and dinner together German traditional ethnic cuisine. (Cooking is simple cooking, so no experience is required)


2. Project the picture of Düsseldorf, Germany's hometown of teacher Laura Klug, with a projector, presentation and learn about Germany.


3. Event for studying language studies, aiming to improve skills for language exchange exchanges that teach each other their mother tongue.


4. It is a safe and secure event that you can join by mother and child. For small children, you can enjoy them safely, for example with fire and knife-less mixing work so they can help with parent and child.


5. Ideal as a place for information sharing where people can exchange information with overseas study abroad students and working holiday experts.


6. On the day, German bread and German sausage etc. are seriously reproduced faithfully using authentic German imported ingredients.


------[What to bring]----------


1. Apron

2. Hand towel

3. Lunch box for takeaway


------ [Recommended for this person] ------------


1. It is a perfect event for those who want to become friends with foreigners, those who want to find language exchange / language exchange partners.


2. Children are welcome, you can cook and dinner happily with mother and child.


3. People who are interested in future study abroad, working holiday, girls trip etc are also welcome.


4. Recommended for those who are aiming for skill improvement in English conversation · German conversation · Korean conversation. (Instructor Laura Klug is German native, but English and Japanese can also be done.)




○ 13:00 PM Appetizer · Main · Dessert · Each group is divided and cooking started


○ around dinner at around 14:00 PM


· Presentation in Germany around 15:00 PM


___ 15: 30 Free Talk


〇 16: 00 Cleaning up gradually


〇 17:00 Dissolution


------ [Membership fee] ------------


○ Men's participation fee 3,000 yen


○ Female participation fee 2,000 yen


○ University student · vocational school student · international student 1,000 yen


〇 For foreigners General 1,000 yen


------ [Free subjects for entry] ----------


〇 Children, junior high school students, high school students' participation fee is free.


------ [Announcement of experience monitor · Web writer wanted] ----------


○ Participate in the event, write impressions, and thank you for your cooperation in photography and movie shooting. We will pay a roundtrip transportation fee plus 2,000 yen as a daily allowance on that day.


※ Please contact us for details, details etc.


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