I have attended my friend's wedding ceremony.

by Super User

Dad, when I was very young, the Japanese program was very red, but now young people are watching Korean dramas, Han Zong, and listening to Han Le. Why do you like Korean dramas and Korean songs so much? Eh! The Korean fan is too strong.

You girls are like this, I think the East is too West, you think that when you walk on the road, you will meet Han Xing, and suddenly fall in love with you. It makes sense. It is easy to get along with each other. Bless them anyway!

Life is a problem, and everyone is using a lifetime of time to interpret. I... I don’t dare. Some people say pain, some people say no pain. You said, will it hurt? My biggest wish is that those who have been hurt by me can forgive me.

Oh, understand, and talk about it. Then I chatted and suddenly the other party was busy. I can understand it without replying to the information for a long time. What has not been read back? This is called "朕 know", knowing is good, can't go, is what people want to return. Then, it is impossible for a person to hold a mobile phone twenty-four hours. It is also understandable to be able to return to the second.

That's right, if you really love you, you will be free for 24 hours, and you will be in the southeast and northwest. If you don't return in seconds, at least you have to give a reply in one day. If you go out for 10 days and a half to reply, then don't deceive yourself. Flying pigeons are faster than this. Hello, I can't answer the call right now. Please leave a message after the ringtone, I will contact you as soon as possible.??




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