Summary of Meet in real with foreigners · Become friends. international volunteer groups / Japanese volunteers

I want to be friends with foreigners! If you say that you do not have encounters, why do not you become a Japanese volunteer? Summary of information on international exchange volunteers.

INEXS 大阪で国際、異文化、語学交流



Summary of useful information


Useful information about international volunteers who are active mainly based in Osaka. it is a volunteer that you can feel free to start with. you may be able to make friends all over the world. Take a chance!

name Non-Profit Organization International Friendship Club
overview We are currently looking for paid volunteers for foreigners (those who coming to Japan to study abroad or working holiday), students, social workers (under 35 years old). planning, management, attracting and translating international exchange and international events. For details please check on the website at the following URL.
language Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean


name Asian hope camp overseas volunteer
overview Volunteers in Asia Hope Camping Organization, International Work Camp, Overseas Volunteers, Asia Region, and Africa Region! Currently, only participation fee 10,000 yen campaign is underway!


name If you participate in volunteering and internship abroad, you can undertake various courses. Introduction of overseas volunteer program! | STA Travel
overview Various courses are available for overseas volunteer/internship. You can choose according to your purpose such as work experience type, teacher experience, child exchange, improving your English proficiency. If you are looking for a new experience different from sightseeing trips, why not try overseas volunteers/internships?
language Japanese


name Volunteers Recruitment information full of information! | activo
overview If you look for volunteer recruitment information, activo! Volunteer, an internship at NPO · NGO, events related to social contribution, study tours, circle members, pro bono etc. It is the largest volunteer database site in Japan which widely posts various recruitment information nationwide. In addition to information for college students, it is full of information for elementary and junior high school students, high school students, and society people!
language Japanese


name Korean Cultural Center in Japan Korean Cultural Center
Overview Korean Cultural Center is the role of forwarding base to convey Korean culture to all Japanese people. The Korean Culture Institute will continue to play a central role in the cultural, art, sports and tourism-based exchange projects of Korea in the future.
language Korean / Japanese


name South Korea Tourism Board "Connect Community"
Overview The largest Japanese bulletin board where Korea travel lovers gather. Popular spot introductions and exchanges, job offers, and housing information recommended by users.
language Korean / Japanese


name Saturday Class - Multicultural Conviviality Center Osaka
Multicultural Center Osaka

We are implementing the "Saturday class" that enables children of foreign residents to create a lively place to live and to support themselves to grow themselves through their activities.

▪ Saturday class Date and time Every Saturday from 2 PM to 4 PM Place ECC International Foreign Language College (2 minutes on foot from Tanimachi Line · Nakazaki-cho Subway Station)

Target children 6 to 18 years old

Participation fee 2000 yen (year)

Participation in Saturday class, please be sure to apply in advance.

☆ It was featured in ☆ The Nikkei newspaper also introduced Saturday class initiatives!

▪ Volunteer experience lecture Those who would like to volunteer for Saturday class, those who are interested in activities supporting children who have roots in a foreign country are encouraged to participate in "Volunteer Experience Course" held on the first Saturday of every month! Contents What are children with roots in foreign countries? / Current situation and problems of children with roots in foreign countries / Purpose of Saturday class, activity explanation / Saturday class tour Date and time The first Saturday of every month 13: 00 ~ 14: 00 (explanation) 14: 00 ~ 16: 00 (Saturday class trip) ※ However, May and November will be held on the second Saturday. Capacity 5 people (We will close as soon as the capacity becomes available) Entry fee 500 yen (Some will address Saturday class activity fee) place ECC International Foreign Language College (2-1-6 Nakazaki Kita Ward, Osaka City) Subway Tanimachi Line Nakazaki-cho Station No.4 Exit Exit 1 minute on foot For details, please contact



name - Foreign Language Learning Community
Overview JCinfo is a site for those studying foreign languages. We provide communication opportunities with native speakers. Let's explore opponents to teach and learn from each other's words.
language Chinese


name Osaka city citizen activity general portal site
description Osaka Municipal Civic Activities Integrated Portal Site | This network introduces "citizen activity group" that operates in the Osaka area and "company that conducts social contribution activities".



name Red Cross Osaka branch Language Study Group 
description We are doing an international exchange at the Red Cross Osaka branch. Let's make many friends through Japanese, communicate · support ♪ ゜ · *: .. . .: * · ♪
address Osaka Prefecture Osaka-shi Chuo-ku Otemae 2 - chome 1-7Get off at Tenmabashi Subway Station on the Tanimachi subway, 5 minutes on foot
Get off Keihan Train "Temmabashi Station" 7 minutes on foot
Click on the address above to display Google Maps in a separate window.
phone 06-6943-0705



name I House · Volunteer Bank | International Exchange · Multicultural Coexistence | Osaka International Exchange Center
description "I House Volunteer Bank" is a volunteer registration system established by the Osaka International Exchange Center. The aim is to encourage citizen-level spontaneous international exchange activities at Osaka's center in Osaka and to foster an international sense of each citizen and improve hospitality. Participate in volunteer activities that allow you to interact with foreigners directly and deepen their exchanges and understanding.
address  8-2-6 Uehonmachi, Tennoji ward, Osaka city
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phone 06-6773-8182



name Foreigner [contact] salon | International exchange / multicultural coexistence | Osaka international exchange center
description Do you learn Japanese while doing talk with the volunteers who have the experience of Japanese teaching [Japanese traditional experiences] [gaijin]?
You can experience the first time at no cost!
I do not need reservations.
Saturday [Sunday] Please come directly to us by 14:00!
address 8-2-6 Uehonmachi, Tennoji Ward, Osaka-shi 
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phone 06-6773-8182



name Osaka Prefecture / Volunteering on international relations
description The Public Interest Foundation Osaka Foundation International Exchange Foundation carries out volunteer registrations on host families, languages and cultures in order to promote foreign aid support activities, international understanding and international exchange. If you are interested in volunteering please visit the link below.
address Osaka City Chuo-ku Honmachi Bridge 2-5 My Dome Osaka 5th Floor
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phone 06-6966-2400



name Osaka YMCA volunteer activities · International exchange
description YMCA exists as a place to shape each person's thoughts and wishes such as "I want to work with children" and "I want to work in nature". "I do want to do something, but I do not know what I can do" "If you do not know what I want to do specifically" also please come and visit YMCA once. Due to various encounters and connections, there is a possibility that my world and the future will spread.
address 1-5-6 Tosabori Nishi-ku, Osaka-shi
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phone 06-6441-0894
URL osakaymca



name Ichioka International Education Association Japanese Classroom
description Instead of one teacher taking charge of a large number of students, I am making a one-on-one Japanese conversation as a volunteer "teacher" and a learner as "student".
We are going to be at the Minato Ward Center from 7 o'clock every Friday night, so please come to us on Friday at 7 o'clock if you want to start learning Japanese. You can visit any time. you do not need a reservation.
address Osaka City Minato City Community Center
〒552-0007 2-1-5 Benten Minato-ku, Osaka-shi
7-minute walk from Subway Chuo Line, JR Ring Line "Bentencho"
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name Let's talk together! It is Higashi Osaka Japanese classroom.
description The Higashi Osaka Japanese Language Classroom welcomes those who have come to Higashi Osaka from abroad and are unfamiliar with Japan and who can not speak Japanese well.
address Public facility in Higashiosaka city
Since the venue varies depending on the opening date and time, please confirm on the homepage.
phone 06-6725-6300
☑ 1.We are Non-Profit Organization, approved by Osaka municipal government
INEXS which stands for "Intercultural Experience Society" is a part of " Non-Profit Organization International Friendship Club. A public corporate body formally approved by Osaka municipal government in December 2015 was operated with the intention of establishing "a healthy international exchange of foreigners and Japanese youth living in Osaka city" Because it is, we are based on the Specified Nonprofit Activity Promotion Act, Chapter 2 based on a specified nonprofit corporation "religion" ·...