Summary of useful information on study abroad, working holiday, overseas travel

Those who are planning to go study abroad, information on useful web sites for those planning future working holiday, study abroad, home-stay in the future

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Summary of useful information


Summary of valuable information on overseas study abroad


name Language Study Abroad Information | Taiwan ZINE
overview "Language Study Abroad Information" List


name [Cheap] Strengthens spiritual speech in Fiji study abroad | South Pacific Free Bird
overview Studied abroad Fiji language studies ~ about 50,000 yen including accommodation for one week. It is also recommended for people who are not good at English conversation with a friendly national character that is not in other countries.


name Make a reservations/application for studying abroad or working holiday tickets is Estee Travel | STA Travel
overview We prepare one-way tickets and long-term stay tickets that are ideal for those traveling to study abroad or working holiday. For use, there are also premises that you can prepare a study abroad visa or a working holiday visa.


name Overseas Study Abroad Support Site
overview Overseas study abroad support site is an information site for those who think about study abroad operated by the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) which is a public institution.


name Full of information on the latest overseas study abroad! The magazine for International Studies | World Avenue
overview Study abroad information magazine which distributes useful information to those thinking about studying abroad. From the latest information on the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand study abroad phrases that you can use abroad, packed with useful information for university students preparing for job hunting after returning home.


name Consulate General of Japan in Osaka · Japan
overview For those thinking about studying in the USA, those who are preparing, you can see information on university selection, scholarships and applications here. The Kansai American Center provides an EducationUSA advising center of the US Department of State providing consultation information and consultation. Please contact us. We do not introduce, mediate, or substitute proceedings for a specific university. General Study Abroad Information on scholarships and language schools Scholarship security information, visa fitness test Other


name Embassy of the UK - GOV.UK
overview For all notarial and documentary services, you need to make an appointment by email. (see below for address and services available) Please make sure to indicate your name, contact details, service you wish to request, your proposed dates (in order of preference) and availability (we ask for 72 hours notice if possible). We aim to get back to you within the next working day. Please give notice by email when you want to cancel your appointment.


name Study abroad / study abroad journal | From short-term study to graduate school
overview Official site of 【Study Abroad Journal】 which has over 40 years experience in supporting studying abroad and overseas study abroad. Full of useful information from short-term study abroad to language study abroad and study abroad, such as school information of more than 500 schools, from studying abroad to employment after returning home. Free study abroad seminars and counseling abroad are also underway.


name High School Exchange Study Abroad · American High School Study Abroad to Ayusa International Japan Secretariat
overview To the United States High School Study Abroad, to Ayusa International Japan Secretariat. We carry out telephone counseling by occasionally experienced staff. If you are planning to use the American high school exchange study abroad program please do not hesitate to call the Ayusa International Japan Secretariat authorized by the State Department.


name Overseas study abroad consultation room / Language proficiency upgrading, free consultation to overseas study/life | study abroad support 21 Ryugaku Support 21 Inc.
overview We are doing language consultation and free counseling for overseas studies and living. Global Partners - The website of the online study abroad support center. We support "overseas study abroad" by yourself, free application support, etc! Selecting a school from 1200 schools, providing information on study abroad, overseas study abroad, language study abroad procedure support are all free. Those who challenge to study abroad, please use the online study abroad support center study abroad study support center by all means.


name Study abroad | OKC Oceania exchange center if studying abroad
overview OKC Oceania Exchange Center which has 31 years of history and achievements in overseas study. Junior and senior high school study abroad, university/graduate study abroad, the official agency in Japan of 15 famous Australian and New Zealand famous universities. Information on undergraduate studies and overseas 26 public universities recommendation abroad study guide. As local establishment direct office is set up in 5 cities in Australia and New Zealand, support on site is safe.
address Osaka City Kita Ward Umeda 1-1 Osaka Station 3rd Building 30th Floor


name Canadian Theater
overview In the Canadian theater, we introduce a variety of contents including videos, stories, feature articles, blogs, tour information, and introduce Canada's unknown charm and travel information


name International Experience Canada - travel and work in Canada
overview International Experience Canada - travel and work in Canada
International Experience Canada (IEC) provides young individuals the opportunity to travel and work in Canada. IEC is available in countries that have a bilateral youth mobility arrangement with Canada. Depending on where you are from, you can choose from up to three travel and work experiences: Working Holiday Young Professional International Co-op Internship 


name The Japan Working Holiday Association
overview Working Holiday (Working holiday) We are informing about the latest visa acquisition method and traveling information etc of the agreement country. In addition, we hold various free seminars for those who are working holiday (work center). It is possible to obtain working holiday (working holiday) visas in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Korea, France, Germany, UK, Ireland, Denmark, Taiwan, Hong Kong. In addition to working holiday (working holiday) visa, we can also help to study abroad with a student visa. If Working Holidays Japan Working Holiday Association


name 【Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology】 Tobitate! Study abroad JAPAN - The experience is the confidence of the future.
overview "Tobitath! Study Abroad JAPAN" developed by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology is a campaign to encourage students to collaborate with foreigners to foster a youthful trip to overseas study abroad in Japan. We provide "Japan national program" which gives about 1,500 high school students and university students annually without payment due to a donation from companies.


name Japan Administrative Institution Japan Student Services Organization - JASSO
overview  With JASSO's two S, "Student Services" as the starting point of our activities, we set the objective of the organization to provide necessary services so that students can learn with peace at any time, and the future of our country I will watch over the learning and growth of the young people who are responsible for it. Specifically, as a national center for student support that provides important infrastructure for supporting students' learning by conducting three support projects, such as lending scholarships, supporting international students, and supporting student life, Contributing to nurturing.



name Study Abroad Volunteer Abroad, Intern Abroad Teach Abroad Degrees Abroad
overview Studying Abroad Can Change the Way You See The World Study Abroad Programs give you the opportunity to experience the world as your classroom. Rather than picking things up from books and the Internet, navigating a new landscape may open your eyes to culture, history, a new language or your heritage. Studying Abroad opens the door to personal growth and discovery too. As you learn to say ‘hello’ in a foreign language, make friends, eat exciting new foods, it is bound to boost your confidence, teach you self-reliance and stretch the parameters of your comfort zone.


name If you wish to collect all the documents of study abroad [quote for international studies com]
overview If you are going to study abroad, request bulk documentation and consultation to the RESULTS COMPU. Depending on the country you want to visit / study abroad specialized company thoroughly, comprehensively comprehensibly preparing for study abroad.


name Reservation and application for studying abroad or working holiday tickets are made by Estee Travel | STA Travel
overview We have prepared an air ticket that is perfect for those traveling overseas or working holiday and can make one-way and long-term stays. For use, there are also premises that you can prepare a study abroad visa or working holiday visa etc.

Summary of useful information on traveling abroad

name World Tourism Organization · Embassy List Links
overview It is a collection list of tourist offices by governments or regions around the world. Please use it for detailed sightseeing information in Japanese, confirmation and inquiries of public information. We also introduce foreign embassies in Japan.


name Ministry of Foreign Affairs Overseas Security Website
overview We are disclosing reference information for people traveling abroad and staying abroad to ensure safety themselves. Travel information to be posted on this website is reference information for people traveling abroad and staying abroad to secure their own safety. With legal enforcement, we do not prohibit everyone's travel or orders to evacuate. Likewise there is no effect to stop travel organized by a travel agency. Before traveling, during your stay please always try our safety measures with the mental attitude that "protect yourself yourself." The Ministry of Foreign Affairs strives to provide useful information for everyone's comfortable and safe overseas travel and stay.



name Australia Travel Free Estimate 【Web Travel】
overview Travel consultation expert "Travel Concierge" estimates travel plans according to customer's request free of charge. Of course Australian trips are also free custom made estimates! Recommended for customers of honeymoon · honeymoon because it is made to order!
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