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Cute is established as "Kawaii" in English. In Manga and English, it became a word that is familiar to the world from Japanese that is totally commonly understood. Categories of Japanese entertainment, animation, cartoons, cute clothes
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detail Published 001 which becomes the first issue of September 2012 under the concept of "sweet and cute ♡ girls' fashion picture book." It was sold out on the same day, became a heavy-duty, increased the number of December in the same year, doubled and released 002, but this time also sold out the same day sold out the same number. It is decided bimonthly periodicization from 003 (released March 2013 issue). On September 2013 released 006, which is the first anniversary, 200,000 copies were issued. Even though it is a fashion magazine, "not only showing fashion" but also "suggesting a world view that has been built" is known as a feature. The style proposed by Lalm is a new trend of a young woman's child, and it is a magazine that has fans all over the world as well as Japan as a substitute for Japanese "cute" culture.


name LIZ LISA (Liz Lisa) official mail order girly fashion| Tokyo Kawaii Life
detail LIZ LISA (Risu Lisa) Tokyo Kawaii Life (Tokyo Kawaii Life) Official mail order site Tokyo 'Kawaii' at the center of Japan, send out to the whole world! "I want to take all" Kawaii "from classic to trend into Life Style" I will fulfill my selfish girl's dream


detail Girlie Fashion 【LIZ LISA | Liz Lisa Official Online Mail】 Shibuya 109 popular girly brand Liz Lisa introduces Flower Pattern & Lace One Piece, Court, Bag, Shoes etc Fashion Items. Popular models Sugino Kanno-chan's products and pop-teen items, My Melo collaboration Girls & sweet girls selling lots of items. Besides one piece and tops, LIZ LISA original wallets, bags, boots are also available in large numbers.


name Popcorn | Popteen Official Website
detail Popcorn (popcorn) is the official web media of "Monthly Popteen (Pop Teen)". Come on, you can also find out all the information on the pop model including Michiba and the unpublished cover! Full of information on trends such as makeup and cosmetics, SNS shooting cafe introduction


name Ank Rouge | Official Brand Site
detail A site of Ank Rouge (Ank Rouge). It is a daily wear that complements the cuteness for being a girl forever and is a wardrobe brand that can coordinate total with high balance with antique as a key word.


name Sweet-type girls brand "Bobon 21"
detail "Bobon 21 (Bonbon niwichi)! Specialty store of Yumekawa & Fairy series, sweet & girly dresses, tops and skirts, dreamy cute items every month new arrival, free shipping and other benefits such as free shipping!


name HARAJUKU KAWAii !! STYLE - Fashion & amp; Culture Web magazine
detail FEATURE. With a gratitude feeling ... .... A girls degree gift you want to give on Mother's Day. 2017.05.02 6 · New visual of "FancyBaby" appears! Four people representing Harajuku. NEWS. "FancyBaby" new visuals appeared! Four models representing Harajuku gather together 2017.05.01 17. SNAP · NEWS · HARAJUKU KAWAii !! STYLE · HARAJUKU KAWAii !!


It is an introduction of a cute character · Toy · figure.

name Sanrio: Home
detail Sanrio official website The latest information on characters such as Hello Kitty, My Melody, Little Twin Stars, Cinnamoroll, Giant Tama etc. are posted.


name Blythe official website |
detail "Blythe" is a fashion doll that keeps the hearts of adult women who are sensitive to fashion and trends. It has pink, blue, green, orange and big eyes that turn into four colors, it creates various facial expressions though it is one face, dresses various taste fashion with unique proportions such as grapefruit large head and delicate body, It is loved as a photogenic doll with high fashion sensitivity.


name Product Information | Rika-chan | TAKARATOMY
detail Rika is a toy that can be played from age 3 with dresses, makeups, hair arrangements and settlements. Various play variations, information on Rika chan is the official information site of Takara Tomy.


name Super Dollfie®.net -Super Dollfie Official Website
detail Born in your mind, yourself created a new doll called Super Dollfie.


Cute · idol star · YOU TUBE video

name Show too much idle channel KawaiianTV
detail Kawaiian TV (Kawaiiantibi [Note 1]) is a Japanese idol specialty channel. It mainly broadcasts programs on which idol groups such as NMB 48 are appearing. We are broadcasting on both traditional television broadcasting such as SKY Perfec! Premium Service and Internet broadcasting such as Nikoniko Channel (Nico Nico Video), SKY PerfecTV! On Demand.


name Rikiko channel
detail Thank you for 48,000 subscribers! It is!
I never tried to introduce myself on YouTube so I tried ♡
I will do my best to post video footage!

Takoko LINE Official Account
Liniko LINE Stamp Sticker / 12 ...


name kyarypamyupamyuTV
detail Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's official YouTube channel ★
KYARY PAMYUPAMYU Official YouTube Channel★ .


name AKB48
detail YouTube official channel of AKB48. Official delivery to all over the world, with the thought that AKB 48 is more familiar to the Japanese fans as well as the fans of the world, and I want you to like it even more!.
name acosta | Shoot! I can play! Cosplay Event!
detail The cosplay event "acosta!" [Acosta] handled by Hakosuta of the spray shooting studio! Mainly mainly in Tokyo (Ikebukuro), Saitama, Osaka!
☑ 1.We are Non-Profit Organization, approved by Osaka municipal government
INEXS which stands for "Intercultural Experience Society" is a part of " Non-Profit Organization International Friendship Club. A public corporate body formally approved by Osaka municipal government in December 2015 was operated with the intention of establishing "a healthy international exchange of foreigners and Japanese youth living in Osaka city" Because it is, we are based on the Specified Nonprofit Activity Promotion Act, Chapter 2 based on a specified nonprofit corporation "religion" ·...