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INEXS 大阪で国際、異文化、語学交流



Introduction of event review.

Attendees Voice


February 23 "International exchange women's only one flower in the world Make your own only one herbarium international exchange"

相原 奈都美さん
Name Natsumi Aihara
From Ehime Prefecture
Age 20 years old
Occupation Office Worker

I participated in inexs's event for the first time this time. When I was a student, I studied in Shanghai for a year, so I was very interested in international exchange and I wanted to make a herbarium because I like flowers and I participated! Taiwan people are participating and we were able to interact after making herbarium. Everyone met for the first time, but I like international exchange! I was able to get along quickly from a common point, and I was able to spend a great time talking with each other about things that are popular in Japan and China. Herbarium seemed to be difficult even though it was questionable, but I was satisfied because it was cute. LOL, I would also like to be interested in volunteering and meeting various people through the international exchange of inexs! I'm really looking forward to participating as there are regular events such as barbecue in the future ^ ^

photos Date: February 23, 2019 (Saturday) "International exchange women only one flower in the world Make your own unique herbarium and international exchange"

Asian Hope Camping Organization 【Japan-Korea Exchange Study Meeting through Volunteer Activities】

Arena Yano (left) · Aika Hirakawa (right)

name Arena Yano (left) · Aika Hirakawa (right)
age 16 years old
From Hyogo prefecture · Osaka Prefecture
occupation Student

Impression from Aika

For the first time this time, I was able to participate in international volunteers and see the new world. I can not understand Korean at all, but I was able to talk using gesture gestures, English, Japanese, etc. Originally I was interested in language and participated, but I felt that important things here are not languages. Being able to get along beyond the country, I was happy that I made many friends. The event of the international volunteer that participated for the first time was easy and it was a good opportunity to proceed to the next step.

Comment from Rina

As I was interested in international relations and wanted to interact with people from various countries, interaction with Koreans this time was a very good experience. I like Korea so it was fresh and fun to try using a little Korean that I know. Also, I was glad that I taught other things I do not know, unfamiliar words, etc. and I could talk a lot about Japan. Because I can not quite experience experiencing across countries, I want to cherish it.

photos Date held on Sunday, January 20, 2019, Asian Camping Organization 【Japan-Korea Exchange Study Meeting through Volunteer Activities】



International exchange Only one flower in the women's world International exchange with making only the only barbata of yourself
Name Shuku Tei Tei
From China
occupation Flower Industry

I came to Japan from China last April. In order to make international exchanges, on Saturday, January 12, 2019, I held at the Nanba Citizen Learning Center "International exchange Only one flower in the women's world Make only the one-of-one Herbarium of you, I was a lecturer of "Exchange".

Since I am currently working on flower related work, I am in contact with this group through a portal site for volunteers called "Activo" because I want to do volunteer activities making full use of those feats, this time We had a chance to cooperate with planning, planning, and management of the event.

The advantage of Herbarium is that you can arrange for a long time and you can freely arrange the color of flowers, colors, and oils you like, so it's interesting to create your own original work I think that. This time it is women's limited activities, everyone gently cooperated and I got a very cute, wonderful herb barum. I'm really thankful to you. I hope to keep in touch with interesting events from now on and have fun exchanging with everyone. I look forward to working with you.

photos Date Saturday, January 12, 2019 International exchange Only one flower in the women's world Make internationalized exchanges with your only one barbecue


Name Tomoko
From Mie Prefecture
occupation House Wife

This time, I was allowed to participate with two daughters of senior children. I decided to participate because I thought that I would like to try Herbarium from before and that I can do international exchange. I am looking forward very much because I usually have few opportunities to touch languages ​​other than Japanese. On the day there was a cute teacher 's advice, the daughter of an elder son also enjoyed making it possible to participate in making her barium and a very cute work was finished. In the second half I changed seats by international exchange and enjoyed exchanging with each other. Since I first filled in a personal data sheet, I enjoyed the girls' association with a snack in a friendly atmosphere from beginning to end, talking about occupations and hobbies, talking about recent things, and so on. Although I think that some people think that participation is uneasy, such worry is useless ~ (^ ^) The event here is lively and I think that the talk will soon briefly even in the first meeting ★ 3 hours in a blink of an eye was. I also want my daughter to experience international exchange from now so I am looking forward to the next event as well.

photos Date Saturday, January 12, 2019 International exchange Only one flower in the women's world Make internationalized exchanges with your only one barbecue


Casual talk chatting with International Students and Japanese in a Japanese style room.


name Derry
age 27 years old
From Taiwan New Taipei City
occupation Student

Firstly from the conclusion as a frank opinion, I think that I was really pleased to participate in this International exchange event. When I first entered the hall, I was very nervous. I did not know how to talk or what to talk with a Japanese person for the first time, but I could not tell what I could talk to strangers, but the participants were "foreign students who want to make friends with Japanese people" and "foreigners People who want to make Japanese local friends with people ", so there was a common topic. People who thought that they wanted to know about the culture of each other's country, which is the common item of everyone, so if we cut out those topics, the story got excited at once and the tension felt, the atmosphere changed to a more relaxed atmosphere It was. Friends of foreign students who came to the same Japanese language school which I brought along also caught up with vigorous opinions as topics of "travel" and "language" came up. I am really pleased to have new friends. I am sincerely thankful to the organizers.

Did everyone remember after the party? Most participants went to karaoke in the second party and exchanged deepening friendship.

Thank you for this valuable opportunity I could be able to make new Japanese Friends.

photos Date held on Sunday 9th December Casual talk chatting with International Students and Japanese in a Japanese style room.



Liu Xiangxiang

Name Liu Xiangxiang/Miss
Age 27 years old
from Taiwan Tainan City
occupation Office Worker

On 28th October 2018, I was blessed with fine weather, enjoying the barbecue under the best autumn sky.

There were more than 20 participants this time, and we were able to interact with people of many nationalities with participation from Europe and the United States, mainly from Asian foreigners living in Osaka.

I talked with people from Taiwan, China, Vietnam, the United States, Indonesia, and deepened friendship. I am Chinese as my mother tongue, but the main part of the conversation has many opportunities to talk in Japanese. For those studying English, I think that it is a good opportunity to have an English conversation with native speakers and test their English skills.

I think that participating in this event, I understand the culture of various countries, it is a really good opportunity for multi-ethnicity and mutual understanding.

Including me as well Foreigner To live in a foreign land, to step in the country I want to visit, the land I was longing for is a dream come true and at the same time hardships and hard work, I have to experience. It was a great experience to understand those foreign cultures, religions, languages, ethnicity, customs, etc. It was a valuable experience that I can not study books and desks.

Also, among the participants, there were many Japanese people who liked Taiwan, so I was able to introduce about Taiwan, where I am from.

People who are learning languages or those who do not have much opportunity to contact with foreigners usually do not have the opportunity to contact foreigners usually by participating in this international exchange barbecue party to speak to foreigners and talk to foreigners and from foreigners of people living in unfamiliar lands I listen to the interesting story of the event and think that I can make new discoveries and friends by dialogue.

photos Date held Sunday, October 28, 2018 "International Barbecue Party"



Foreign friends who can meet real in Osaka · Make friends all over the world Exchange meeting IN Umeda

Name Liu Xiangxiang/Miss
Age 27 years old
from Taiwan Tainan City
occupation Office Worker
Review Since I became a social person in Japan, I rarely go to the exchange meeting. This time, because of the invitation of the organizer, I went to the exchange meeting.
I will participate in the competition for one year. I feel that this event is different from the general exchange meeting. I have to change the time to chat with different people. It is easier to talk to everyone, instead of There will be limited communication with only a few people, as well as group communication activities. Each group has different themes, which may lead to more exchanges of exotic cultures, not just pure chat, for practicing Japanese. English or someone who wants to go deeper into a foreign culture can be a great opportunity to experience.
photos Date held Sunday, October 3, 2018 "Foreign friends who can meet real in Gallery Osaka · Make friends all over the world Exchange party IN Umeda"



Taste and cultural exchanges of authentic native learning "German edition"

Laura Klugちゃん

name Laura Klug/Miss
age 22 years old
Birthplace Germany · Düsseldorf
occupation International student
Review The review participants of this event were pleased that we came 23 people in total. I was interested in Germany and I was touched by everyone who cooked, talked, and became friends, although there are only people I do not know about. They said that everyone enjoyed and the food was delicious. Also, I announced about Germany, but there were also many people who cared about and asked me various questions. I heard from participants that they were having a lot of fun after the event, I wish I could do it again, I thought that this event was successful.
Photos Date held on Saturday, July 21, 2018, "4 hours to come and visit the gallery, watch, make, talk, eat, meet, and feel the whole thing"

Review from International BBQ from participants | Intercultural exchange with barbecue and picnic etc


name Liu Xiangxiang/Miss
age 26 years old
Birthplace Taiwan · Tainan City
occupation International student
Review Today, there are many people from different countries. I especially like to communicate with people from different countries, so I have the feeling of being abroad. Although the English conversation is not very good, I also have the opportunity to practice my speaking. This kind of occasion also has the courage to open up and also recognizes the culture of Europeans and Americans or Japanese. The atmosphere of BBQ is very good. Everyone is very happy to talk and eat while talking. It is a very good opportunity for people who want to know foreign friends and want to practice foreign languages.
Photos Date October 2016 Autumn barbecue party



name Takao Haruka/Miss
age 16 years old
Birthplace Nara Prefecture
occupation High school student
Review Although I was interested in international exchange organizations for the time being, I was unable to subscribe because I was uneasy about participating by one person, but the international exchange organization here was participating for the first time as the participation fee of the high school student was free I thought that it was just right, so I applied for it. Actually made an event debut, everyone was very friendly and I enjoyed it very much. Although there were not many foreigners, there were many women, and the organizers were also very nice people, so it was good to participate.
Photos Date October 2016 Autumn barbecue party
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