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Do you want to have friends all over the world but don't know how? Do you want to get international experiences in Osaka? Do you want to experience working as a freelance in Japan?

 We're hiring a freelance writer for our events in Osaka. Do you have what it takes

INEXS 大阪で国際、異文化、語学交流



Summary of useful information


Web Writer · Application Procedure

Job Description Taking photos of the event writing an after-event, report.

Women max 30 years old. All nationalities High School students/exchange students are welcome.

Required to join the event, and don't mind having name and pictures being used in the website.

Remarks Welcome to blog · SNS · Twitter

☆ we will pay you Transportation expenses.

☆ Exemption of entry fee

☆ we will also pay you the Daily Allowance.

Entry with friends, mother, and child are also welcome. At the International Friendship Club, which is based in Osaka, we are looking for a participant monitor (reader model). We will respond to your consultation about details etc. In addition to enjoying the party with other participants on the day, thank you for taking a frank opinion that you participated in the event and taking photographs that can be posted on the site. Especially since it is an international exchange event with many teenagers to twenties, young people give preferential treatment. High school and junior high school students are welcome.


Collaboration project recruitment procedure

Collaboration planning Arbitrary groups such as international exchange group, student group, in care club, girls club, etc which are mainly active in the Kansai area, school corporations, clubs, circles, companies, etc. are welcome.
Activity content We will consult about details such as indoor/outdoor, seminar, barbecue party, etc separately.
About cost and profit Regarding the expenses, revenues, etc on the event in principle, I hope it in half.
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We will also help you in promoting your groups, clubs. Distribution of flyers and leaflets on that day are welcome, but please let us know in advance. We will also cooperate with the homepage, spreading at various SNS.


Notice of Mutual Link Recruitment

mutual link I hope mutual link with any group, school corporation, club, circle, company, study abroad agent, international site, portal site, travel site, such as international exchange group, student organization, increase circle, etc
I particularly like the mutual link with international exchange · international site and language exchange site as much as possible.
Link location Paste the link to the footer part and the site of the corresponding category.
For further details on the size of the banner etc. we will consult separately.
About link format Please tell us if there is a banner. In the case of other texts please let us know the introduction sentences such as summaries and catchphrases.
Remarks Welcome to blog · SNS · twitter
If you have any questions, please contact us from "CONTACTS". We will respond promptly.


A newsletter subscription

we welcome newsletter subscribers We will deliver the information on international exchange events as soon as possible and there is also a discounted participation fee system for members of the Merumaga. If you wish, please contact us after writing on "Message Merumaga wish" in the message column from "CONTACTS". We are also planning an exchange meeting for members only.
If you have any questions, questions, etc., please contact us from "CONTACTS". We will respond promptly.
☑ 1.We are Non-Profit Organization, approved by Osaka municipal government
INEXS which stands for "Intercultural Experience Society" is a part of " Non-Profit Organization International Friendship Club. A public corporate body formally approved by Osaka municipal government in December 2015 was operated with the intention of establishing "a healthy international exchange of foreigners and Japanese youth living in Osaka city" Because it is, we are based on the Specified Nonprofit Activity Promotion Act, Chapter 2 based on a specified nonprofit corporation "religion" ·...