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Welcome to Osaka. Speaking of Osaka, it is famous for "Comedy Town", "Merchants Town", "Eat Town", but in this category, I will introduce it as a summary site with a spot on Osaka sightseeing. Osaka you do not know as well? DISCOVER OSAKA。

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overview Osaka tourist information official website provided by the Osaka Tourism Board. Sightseeing facilities search, accommodation search, gourmet search, shopping search, event search, model course search, tourist information office search can be done.



name Osaka - Prefecture - city with full of vitality | Furusato feature - Yahoo! Special project
overview In Japan 's hometown, there are lots of hidden charm that you do not know yet. Let's go on a rediscovery trip to find out the charm of such a home!



name Enjoy girls trips in Osaka / Kyoto tightly for 4 days tastefully enjoying Kansai! | J-TRIP Smart Magazine
overview Girls' trips that casually go with girls alone are the best. There are plenty of sightseeing spots you want to visit in Kyoto and Osaka for girls' trips! A fashionable cafe, delicious gourmet, married spot ... Of course, it is a recommended Kansai women's journey course to endow with a wonderful souvenir!



name Osaka: Clever three-city women's journey: My · Favorite Kansai
overview Osaka is full of entertainment in the whole city, such as Osaka, where the latest trends gather, Kita, THE Osaka atmosphere can be tasted Minami. Overlook Osaka from skyscrapers in Japan, try visiting a deep neighborhood in the evening... Why do not you explore the attractive charm?



name Perfect for girls traveling! Osaka's "Recommended Sightseeing Spot" 20 Selections | RETRIP [Retrip]
overview I tried summarizing sights of Osaka's recommended sights. We will carefully select and recommend "Osaka's recommended tourist spot" for those who are planning to enjoy a girls journey. There is also gourmet information indispensable for girls' trips!



name Tourist spot of Osaka ranking TOP 10 - Jalan net
overview Select 1596 sightseeing spots recommended in Osaka! Introduction of popular Universal Studios Japan (USJ) and Namba Gundoh moon etc in the ranking. If you are looking for sights around Osaka Jalan net.



name Let's go to Osaka for girls' trip ♡ Bullet travel course that you can enjoy overnight in two days | icotto [icotto]
overview It is fun to travel girls with ease ♪ I'm traveling alone, with my friends or relaxing with my mother without being afraid, girls are special! This time we will introduce Osaka's recommended one-day two-day bullet trip course. Let's enjoy it and enjoy it to the utmost!



name [Osaka sightseeing] Recommended spots for girls' trips & gourmet ♡ Souvenirs too! | I-see [ico]
overview Why do not you come and enjoy Osaka comfortably? I tried collecting sightseeing spots glad for girls, delicious gourmet and shopping mall. I will introduce some pretty souvenirs indispensable to travel ♡


name Osaka sightseeing model course | From Osaka Castle to Namba from Dotonbori | 【Women's journey】 Joshi Department
overview Speaking of Osaka's sightseeing, there are Osaka Castle, Tsutenkaku, Dotonbori etc. I left Kyoto this time and have visited major sightseeing spots in Osaka. All contents are contents which I came actually and summarized the cheap course which I personally recommend. Cheap Osaka for efficiency


name Popular tourist spot ranking in Osaka city 10 rankings [From standard to open space! 】 TripAdvisor
overview Photos Map Free Newsletter Interested in Osaka (Osaka Prefecture)? We introduce 879 attractions, Osaka which are in Osaka. We will show 69,226 reviews, photos with maps.


overview "Osaka Tourist Information Center is an information center operated by H.I.S.. Guided tours, hotels and optional tours are available for bookings at this information center.


name Japan National Tourism Organization | Osaka
overview Osaka prefecture located in the center of Kinki region in the Midwest Japan covers the smallest prefecture land area in Japan
☑ 1.We are Non-Profit Organization, approved by Osaka municipal government
INEXS which stands for "Intercultural Experience Society" is a part of " Non-Profit Organization International Friendship Club. A public corporate body formally approved by Osaka municipal government in December 2015 was operated with the intention of establishing "a healthy international exchange of foreigners and Japanese youth living in Osaka city" Because it is, we are based on the Specified Nonprofit Activity Promotion Act, Chapter 2 based on a specified nonprofit corporation "religion" ·...